Decorative Films

The distinctive look of etched glass has been used to enhance aesthetics for years. However, etched glass can be extremely expensive.

Solar Gard has the solution. We carry a wide variety of decorative films that are both elegant and classic. When applied to glass, these films can create the look of etched-glass, for a fraction of the cost. These films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions or office windows and will create a more private atmosphere with awesome aesthetics.

We have applied these films to CBS Headquarters in Philadelphia, TD Bank, Rite Aid, Acme, The Franklin Institute, Lexus of Cherry Hill, Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Lankenau Hospital, Sutton Towers and countless other locations. We can manufacture and apply any company logo or graphics in an array of colors. There is a film that will suit any of your needs.

When glass partitions are hard to detect, we can also apply safety squares or lines to prevent accidents.

Solar Gard Window Tinting can create a custom solution for any corporate, retail or residential property.

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